PEP / PrEP for HIV・STI tests

<PEP / PrEP for HIV ・STI  tests>

We prescribe some HIV medication (generic medicines) for PEP / PrEP.

■PEP (Available when urgently necessary)

TAF/FTC/BIC(generic)1tablet  1,650yen/tablet

NB: Doctor fee(5,000yen) and prescription fee (650yne) are also added.

Refer : Thailand National Guidelines on HIV/AIDS Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention 2022/2023


<Daily PrEP> 
TAF/FTC(generic)30tablets(1ボトル)8,800yen/Month(includig tax)

<on demand PrEP> 
TAF/FTC(generoc)4tablets 4,400yen(including tax)

NB: Doctor fee(5,000yen or 2,000yen) and prescription fee (650yne) are also added.

*Refer to the this page as regards prices for STI tests.